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Lengthen or Shorten Here

The guest writer for April is Rosemary Field. Rosemary trained at the Royal College of Music, has worked as a diocesan adviser and more recently with the RSCM. In this article tells us how important it is to listen, listen and listen some more.

The Royal College of Organists

The Royal College of Organists (RCO) is a unique institution. Why is that? It is the only College which was established to promote the interests of performers of just one instrument. And what an instrument? In fact, in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s words, “The King of Instruments”.

Organ Tricks!

The guest blog this month is written by Patti Whaley, who created where ideas are shared on making impossible pieces more possible. In the article Patti tells us more about the site, why it was created and shares a few ideas.