Organ courses are a superb way to learn from often world renowned organists. Each teacher willingly passes on their knowledge and skills at appropriate levels and with patience, kindness and above all fun! They help you hone existing skills, develop new ones, whilst having a great time and meeting like minded individuals, who in turn become good friends. All the courses listed below have different attributes and many of them have bursaries available for those who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend. Take a look at the links to find out more. Courses in italics are open to any age.

Day Courses


Residential Courses

Jennifer Bate Organ Academy

London Organ Improvisation Course

Oundle for Organists Abroad

Oundle for Organists – Pulling Out The Stops

Oundle for Organists – Summer Course

RCO Summer Course

RSCM Summer Course

St Andrews Organ Course

South West Organ Society

The Organ Student Experience

Ad hoc courses

Organ Promotion



RSCM – The Complete Church Organist runs as an when required subject to demand across the country. There is no direct web link, contact the RCSM for more information.

Longer Courses

Royal Academy of Music – One year course

Study with an organ scholarship

International Listings

Choir and Organ