Frequently Asked Questions

I have some information on other sites, would you like to know about them?

Yes please! Just send me a message using Contact Me. The more relevant links the better to make this site as useful as possible for all organists.

There is an error on a page, how do I report it?

Please do let me know if you see any errors, if links don’t work or information is inaccurate. Get in touch using Contact Me and I will look to make the amendments as soon as I am able.

How can I find a person local to me to give me more information?

Do feel free to drop me a line and I will try and help you. You could also do a Tweet tagging @theorganmanual. However, a good place to start might also be to go to the A Church Near You site where you can find details of your local Church or England.

Can I advertise on your site?

Yes you can! There are two options for advert locations. The first is in the right hand column under the organisations menu which would be seen by users throughout the site. The second is at the bottom of one or more pages relevant to your company. Please Contact Me for more information on size, price etc. All adverts must be organ related, but can be for any aspect of the organ from learning to listening, bursaries to building and everything in between. Any revenue that comes in to ‘The Organ Manual’ will be used to help maintain the site. Any excess will go towards funding my university education and in the future to help support other organ students.

Can I add an information to ‘Did you know’?

Yes! Please let me know about anything you run, organise, encourage organists etc. There is no charge for placing information here (unless it is an advert for a company – see above). It will remain in the column for a month. Due to space restrictions, entries will be limited to 3 a month and a maximum of 100 words.

Do you intend to cover the Theatre or Busker Organ?

Not at the moment, they are not areas I know anything about. Maybe one day. Or if you know someone who could do this please ask them to get in touch!

Why have you just covered the UK?

I don’t have enough time or knowledge about organ organisations, publications etc in the rest of the world at the moment. Sorry! However, if this is something you would like to replicate in your country, why not Contact Me!

Do you endorse the companies listed on this site?

I don’t endorse any of the companies listed. Although I have contacts with some of them, none are favoured anymore than others. That is why all listings are in alphabetical order. The site is supported by the IAO and Organists’ Review. This decision was made to help ensure it reaches the people it was built for.

Have you purposely overlooked some companies or organisations?

Absolutely not! My hope for this site is for it to be the go to reference site for all things organ. I have spent months researching the data I have included, but it is of course possible I have missed something. If I have not listed a company, organisation, course, retailer or any other supplier of organ services it it totally accidental. Please do let me know about them so I can add the information as soon as possible! Just use the Contact Me form.