Other Groups & Organisations

The table below provides names of many different interest, help and information groups. They are not ‘member’ organisations and each are different in their offerings. They are all worthy of reviewing and selecting depending on your interest level, playing ability and enthusiasm for the organ. If you know of other sites or missing links which could be added to this list, please do share them, this site is all about promoting organ related organisations.

Organisation Facebook Instagram Twitter
Amazing Organ Transcriptions Y    
Association of Assistant Cathedral Organists Y    
Borders Guild of Organists and Church Musicians      
Cathedral Organists Association      
Church Organists & Pianists Y    
Dr Martin Clarke Young Organ Scholars’ Trust Y    
Facebook Christian Organists’ Association Y    
Facebook Organists’ Association Y    
Facebook Organists’ Association (UK) Y    
Friends of Cathedral Music Y   Y
Guild of Church Musicians Y    
Hauptwerk Virtual Organ Users Y    
I’m a Church Choir Director and/or Organist Y    
Keyboard Trust Y   Y
Masonic Organists Association Y    
Organist & Choir Director Jobs Worldwide Y    
Organists’ Amusing Stories Y    
Organ Console Y    
Organ Matters       
Organ Media Y   Y
Organs, Organists & Organbuilders Y    
Organ Scholar Problems Y    
Organ Trust Y    
Organists Y    
Organists Y    
Organists Charitable Trust Y   Y
Organists Online Y   Y
Organ Playing Tips for Up & Coming Organists Y    
Organists Review Y Y Y
Organists World Y    
Organists of the World Y    
Oundle for Organists Y   Y
Redundant Pipe Organs Y    
Secrets of Organ Playing Y    
The Catholic Organists Page Y    
The Eric Thompson Charitable Trust for Organists Y   Y
The Organist Encores Y Y  
The Scottish Federation of Organists      
UK Organists & Choirmasters Group Y    
UK Young Organists Y    
Young Organists of the World Y    

Please note on this page links are not in bold – all ‘Y’ have links to the relevant page and many of the names have links to sites.